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Discover and Develop the Best Talents in DR Congo

Our Mission

At Kinkole Sports, our mission is to discover and develop the best talents in DR Congo. With a successful history of opening international markets, we’ve assisted European Clubs in hiring players from lesser-known footballing countries, ensuring success for all parties involved.

Our Team

Steve Malebe

Steve Malebe

Steve Malebe and his family are proud proprietors of the Sports Medical Centre and the hotel in Kinkole. Steve's unwavering commitment, astute leadership, and strategic investments have been pivotal to the resounding success of these ventures.

Prince Lamona

Prince Lamona

Prince Lamona, a visionary investor with a Masters in European Business Law and over 10 years of experience working in Europe, has decided to expand his activities by investing in his native DRC. with the know-how and expertise acquired over the years in the European Football Market, Prince aims to conquer the DRC Football Market, contributing to the growth of the sport and its business in a sustainable way.

Jules Katana

Jules Katana

Jules Katana, our office manager, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of our activities. With organisational prowess and dedication, Jules contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of our team.

Tresor Mbalikada

Tresor Mbalikada

Principal & Primary Football Agent in DRC. Tasked with the management and scouting of players. Tresor possesses profound knowledge and insight into the DRC football market. Moreover, he maintains strong connections with diverse club owners and influential figures in the industry.

DR Congo Football

DR Congo Facts

Learn interesting facts about DR Congo—the second-largest country in Africa by land area, with a population of around 112 million.

DR Congo Football History

Discover the rich football history of Congo DR, ranked as high as 28th in FIFA Rankings, with two Africa Cup of Nations titles.

Our Services

Our Role in DR Congo

We offer a range of legal and medical services for European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Clubs. Our services include facilitating partnerships with local football institutions, ensuring secure recruitment, and providing expertise in club acquisitions, international partnerships, and tournaments.

In-Depth Player Services

For international partners, we provide comprehensive legal information, thorough player medical records, and expert advice. Our aim is a win-win outcome, enabling clubs to make informed decisions when signing players.

Our Infrastructure

We have essential infrastructure for international partners, including a sports medical centre and accommodations. Our expertise extends to assisting ex-DR Congo and international players in setting up and managing their academies and football clubs in DR Congo.

Sports Medical Centre

Comprehensive Medical Services

The doctors, physiotherapists, and manual therapists at the sports medical centre have extensive knowledge and experience in treating injuries common in football, such as groin, knee, ankle, and hamstring injuries.

Player Medical Records

Kinkole Sports Medical Centre provides in-depth player medical records, ensuring clubs make wise investments in new talent.

Legal Information

We maintain up-to-date legal records, including player registration, passports, international transfer certificates, protection of minors, training compensation, and Solidarity Mechanism payments.

Win-Win Outcome

Our services enable clubs to sign players who fit their play style, make better decisions in signings, and assess technical compatibility.

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